A Circle of Love : Family

A bond between a family is unique and candid, and that’s exactly how they should be captured. A family portrait session is about pausing time with the family in the very essence of their life now. The spontaneity and fun should shine its way into the portraits. At Nairian Images we do our best to carry this ideology with us to every set. We make sure the parents are interacting with the kids, as they would be on any given day, in order to capture those precious candid moments. It’s not about getting that perfect pose, but it’s about getting that in your bones kind of realness resonate through every image. 

Meet this precious new family with baby Ava-Nareh:

We made sure this baby girl had fun in order to capture her genuine smile that contagiously spread to her parents. Their love for each other shows with every capture as they spent an afternoon in the park. 

Talin and Hovik were both so in tune with Ava it made the photoshoot very natural. 

Ava, may you continue to take on the world with your amazing, genuine, and pure heart of yours surrounded by your strong circle of love.

-NAIRIAN Images 

Watch Me Grow

A baby is on its way, and it is absolutely one of the most exciting time of your life for you and your family! As you’re caught up in baby bliss, you’ll be surprised in how quickly time flies. Before you know it you’re busy with feeding schedules, pumping, and changing diapers.  Most of the time you get caught up with so much you merely end up postponing booking photo sessions for your newborn. Newborn sessions are done 2-10 days after the baby’s birth when they sleep longer, and are naturally more flexible for poses. Instead of waiting until the baby is here, why not capture it all from the very beginning ?

Allow us to pause time, and capture your precious moments as soon as you hear the great news! The Watch Me Grow package is perfect for parents because it allows you to sign 1 contract, and receive 3 photoshoots: Maternity, Baby Shower, and the Newborn Session. OR If you’d rather wait until the baby is here, book us shortly after the baby’s birth and pick 3 photoshoots of your choosing  ( For example Newborn, 6 Months, and a Cake Smash Session). Our staff will keep you on track, and contact you to make sure your memories are captured just in time!

Varduhi and Fred were expecting their first born, Leo, and booked us from the very beginning of their journey! We had a Maternity photoshoot with the excited couple at the Pasadena City Hall. We were able to capture their story amidst breathtaking architecture. Their love and excitement was so contagious, and it radiates through each and every photo. The couple was so excited they were pitching in ideas for poses! The photoshoot also allowed the couple to rekindled their love, one on one, and savor these precious moments before they welcomed their baby boy to this world.


Shortly after the Maternity photo session, we also captured the joy and excitement with the rest of the family during the Baby Shower. There was so much excitement and love ready to welcome baby Leo.




Soon after the Baby Shower I got a much anticipated text from Varduhi,  “Baby Leo was born!” The bond I create with the families as I do this special package is truly one of a kind. I’m capturing their new journey step by step, and with that I grow a connection with them through my lens.

I was so excited to do this Newborn Session! Leo was only 6 days old when we did the photoshoot. Eventhough Varduhi had been home for a short time, she had managed to get the cutest outfits prepared for Leo!


Leo, you’re surrounded by a lot of love and support! May you conquer all of your dreams, and find no obstacle too high to prevail.

“You’re off to good places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way !” – Dr. Seuss

Bonjour Ethan

It was almost Christmas when baby Ethan came to the world! This was the first photo session with my assistant, and we were both really excited to combine our creative forces for this cute little man.


We first began by setting up the newborn session, and our biggest task of the day was trying to put this alert little one to sleep. He already had so much character being only a few days old!

Ethan’s parents were so helpful by letting us be us. They left the room and handed the baby in our arms. The best work of an artist happens when there is trust, and after putting him to sleep the results of the photos just speak for themselves.



Since Ethan was born so close to Christmas, it was only natural we capture his First holiday! A lot of character came into the set as we decided to use the family’s actual first Christmas Tree as the backdrop for this precious boy’s First Christmas photoshoot. Our rustic bed and fox fur really added an authentic feeling into the photos.



img_0108Ethan, the perfect Christmas gift for this new family!

Our wishes to the newborn  |

May you grow to be humble, brave, and adventurous! Always remember where you came from holding your values at heart, but keeping a momentum to follow your dreams.


Nairian Images






Milia the Magnificent

Milia, your laugh is so contagious it fills up the room with so much positivity! Your bright energy made the photoshoot so much fun, and blossomed it with creativity.

Each scene was shot with so much love that you brought to me on the set. The poses no longer became poised and controlled, but became a natural capture of your pure soul. Your personalty was so vibrant behind the lens that it was able to see right through you, and produce an honest raw set of self portraits of your little new life.



The camera was also able to capture the beautiful souls that have given you life during our family photoshoot. It’s clear to see where you’ve inherited not only your gorgeous looks, but also your pure warmhearted personality!

 Oh Milia the magnificent, may you always continue to carry your big smile in the world and march to the beat of your own drum. We can’t wait to continue capturing you grow into the amazing human we know you’re going to be! 


~ A Tale of Sisters ~


Twenty fingers and twenty toes
Two pair of eyes and a set of cute little noses
Two hearts beating in unison
form this double bouquet of mother’s roses.
Two hungry babies
Two piercing screams
Two perfect little answers
To all of our dreams.
Double the bottles
Double the toys
Double the diapers
And double the joys.
Four little legs to follow along
Four little feet to fill Daddy’s shoes
Four little hands to hold in our own
Four little eyes to watch our every move.
Two little people to nurture and grow
Two little minds with their own will.
Two heads locked in love and battle
A set of worried parents
try to fulfill the every demand
Of two little souls
and four tiny hands.

(c) Christine G. Law




Armenian Sisters |


Our Babushkas |


Six-Day-Old Beauty!

untitled-46-2            Sometimes you can tell how bright a child’s future will be by looking at their reactions when they are only a few days old. Ariella, a six days old baby girl, was one of them. She is one of the strongest babies I have ever seen in my life. She was able to push herself out of the basket by using her little feet. And she was only six days old!





We were able to get great shots with Ariella’s mommy’s help. Our princess was sleeping on her mommies belly the whole time. I use this technique sometimes to make the baby feel safe and sound.



I also had the chance to take Armela & Alan’s maternity session photos which was an ultimate fun! Here are only a few of what we did in our 2 hour session.












Loudesia is a Name from the Bible!

I went to capture this beautiful baby in her grandparents’ home recently. A very nice Armenian family living in a home where you could feel the love and care from every single member of the family, even Loudesia!

Although Loudesia was not able to sit yet, but with the help of her lovely mommy and daddy we were able to capture this little lady’s beauty. She is just like an angle and her name was chosen so nicely! Loudesia is a name from Bible.




Oh baby Loudesia, may you continue to love, live, and laugh just like you did in these few hours for the rest of your life!

Straight from the Blue Sky!


We had a blast capturing baby Roman in his first month of life! He came to my home studio with her mommy & grandma last week.

I always ask my clients to send me their baby’s pictures before the session. It always helps me get inspired just from seeing the baby’s face to create something new. This time, baby Roman inspired me with the idea of creating a blue sky! And it worked so well!

Baby Roman also had a unique shot with his daddy’s clothes and shoes!!! These clothes were kept for 35 years to be given to the awesome grandchild, and it was so beautiful that you cannot find it in any store these days!!



Baby Roman, we hope you continue to brighten up everyone’s days as you grow older, just like you did during your photo session under the blue sky!

Noella, a Little Piece of Heaven on Earth!

Noella’s photoshoot was one of those photoshoots that I had to do very little to get a good result since the baby girl was very calm and cooperating. She is the kind of baby that already has a character at such a young age! As her mommy said I was able to capture her personality at its best.

Noella has a very strong connection with Serena, her lovely mommy. Serena, on the other hand, had a role of a great assistant for me that day! She knew exactly how to hold/place the baby and move/replace the props so I could get everything in my frame!


The credit of Noella’s beautiful smiles and looks goes to aunty Lilian, who was also an awesome help!



I was very excited to use my new prop setting with her! The very colorful girly setting, which my lovely mom made for me! Here is a picture.