A Circle of Love : Family

A bond between a family is unique and candid, and that’s exactly how they should be captured. A family portrait session is about pausing time with the family in the very essence of their life now. The spontaneity and fun should shine its way into the portraits. At Nairian Images we do our best to carry this ideology with us to every set. We make sure the parents are interacting with the kids, as they would be on any given day, in order to capture those precious candid moments. It’s not about getting that perfect pose, but it’s about getting that in your bones kind of realness resonate through every image. 

Meet this precious new family with baby Ava-Nareh:

We made sure this baby girl had fun in order to capture her genuine smile that contagiously spread to her parents. Their love for each other shows with every capture as they spent an afternoon in the park. 

Talin and Hovik were both so in tune with Ava it made the photoshoot very natural. 

Ava, may you continue to take on the world with your amazing, genuine, and pure heart of yours surrounded by your strong circle of love.

-NAIRIAN Images 

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