Watch Me Grow

A baby is on its way, and it is absolutely one of the most exciting time of your life for you and your family! As you’re caught up in baby bliss, you’ll be surprised in how quickly time flies. Before you know it you’re busy with feeding schedules, pumping, and changing diapers.  Most of the time you get caught up with so much you merely end up postponing booking photo sessions for your newborn. Newborn sessions are done 2-10 days after the baby’s birth when they sleep longer, and are naturally more flexible for poses. Instead of waiting until the baby is here, why not capture it all from the very beginning ?

Allow us to pause time, and capture your precious moments as soon as you hear the great news! The Watch Me Grow package is perfect for parents because it allows you to sign 1 contract, and receive 3 photoshoots: Maternity, Baby Shower, and the Newborn Session. OR If you’d rather wait until the baby is here, book us shortly after the baby’s birth and pick 3 photoshoots of your choosing  ( For example Newborn, 6 Months, and a Cake Smash Session). Our staff will keep you on track, and contact you to make sure your memories are captured just in time!

Varduhi and Fred were expecting their first born, Leo, and booked us from the very beginning of their journey! We had a Maternity photoshoot with the excited couple at the Pasadena City Hall. We were able to capture their story amidst breathtaking architecture. Their love and excitement was so contagious, and it radiates through each and every photo. The couple was so excited they were pitching in ideas for poses! The photoshoot also allowed the couple to rekindled their love, one on one, and savor these precious moments before they welcomed their baby boy to this world.


Shortly after the Maternity photo session, we also captured the joy and excitement with the rest of the family during the Baby Shower. There was so much excitement and love ready to welcome baby Leo.




Soon after the Baby Shower I got a much anticipated text from Varduhi,  “Baby Leo was born!” The bond I create with the families as I do this special package is truly one of a kind. I’m capturing their new journey step by step, and with that I grow a connection with them through my lens.

I was so excited to do this Newborn Session! Leo was only 6 days old when we did the photoshoot. Eventhough Varduhi had been home for a short time, she had managed to get the cutest outfits prepared for Leo!


Leo, you’re surrounded by a lot of love and support! May you conquer all of your dreams, and find no obstacle too high to prevail.

“You’re off to good places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way !” – Dr. Seuss

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