Bonjour Ethan

It was almost Christmas when baby Ethan came to the world! This was the first photo session with my assistant, and we were both really excited to combine our creative forces for this cute little man.


We first began by setting up the newborn session, and our biggest task of the day was trying to put this alert little one to sleep. He already had so much character being only a few days old!

Ethan’s parents were so helpful by letting us be us. They left the room and handed the baby in our arms. The best work of an artist happens when there is trust, and after putting him to sleep the results of the photos just speak for themselves.



Since Ethan was born so close to Christmas, it was only natural we capture his First holiday! A lot of character came into the set as we decided to use the family’s actual first Christmas Tree as the backdrop for this precious boy’s First Christmas photoshoot. Our rustic bed and fox fur really added an authentic feeling into the photos.



img_0108Ethan, the perfect Christmas gift for this new family!

Our wishes to the newborn  |

May you grow to be humble, brave, and adventurous! Always remember where you came from holding your values at heart, but keeping a momentum to follow your dreams.


Nairian Images






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