Milia the Magnificent

Milia, your laugh is so contagious it fills up the room with so much positivity! Your bright energy made the photoshoot so much fun, and blossomed it with creativity.

Each scene was shot with so much love that you brought to me on the set. The poses no longer became poised and controlled, but became a natural capture of your pure soul. Your personalty was so vibrant behind the lens that it was able to see right through you, and produce an honest raw set of self portraits of your little new life.



The camera was also able to capture the beautiful souls that have given you life during our family photoshoot. It’s clear to see where you’ve inherited not only your gorgeous looks, but also your pure warmhearted personality!

 Oh Milia the magnificent, may you always continue to carry your big smile in the world and march to the beat of your own drum. We can’t wait to continue capturing you grow into the amazing human we know you’re going to be! 


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