Noella, a Little Piece of Heaven on Earth!

Noella’s photoshoot was one of those photoshoots that I had to do very little to get a good result since the baby girl was very calm and cooperating. She is the kind of baby that already has a character at such a young age! As her mommy said I was able to capture her personality at its best.

Noella has a very strong connection with Serena, her lovely mommy. Serena, on the other hand, had a role of a great assistant for me that day! She knew exactly how to hold/place the baby and move/replace the props so I could get everything in my frame!


The credit of Noella’s beautiful smiles and looks goes to aunty Lilian, who was also an awesome help!



I was very excited to use my new prop setting with her! The very colorful girly setting, which my lovely mom made for me! Here is a picture.


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