The Little Man, Arka!

The very first moment I met this little man, he stole my heart! The amount of cuteness and excitement he gave me was a boost of energy right at the beginning of the photoshoot. His mom, Shakeh, was a little afraid if I would be able to capture good photos, since she was thinking that Arka is a not a good poser for a photographer. Oh, was she in for a surprise!

So, I started communicating with him like a little man. I started talking and playing with him, saying stories about the trains and so on…

The result of this friendship became priceless! I was not only able to capture Arka’s pure emotions on his face, but I was also able to make a good friend:)

The cutest moment was when I asked him to pick a flower and smell it. He picked it from the ground nicely, smelled it, and then put it right back in its place gently with a smile.  I could not handle the pureness in this kid’s soul. I am glad I was able to capture every detail of it!


2 thoughts on “The Little Man, Arka!

  1. Lovely photos and nice captures,he is really special little kid,although I haven’t seen him yet,I can imagine how sweet he is and looking verymuch to his grandma. Nathalie Emm.


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