Portraits of a Musician

When it comes to portrait photography, I challenge myself to capture the feelings in the moment.

Yes, the lighting, camera settings, the foreground, and the poses are important, too. But what does an image mean to you with the best lighting and settings if it doesn’t radiate any feelings?!

A portrait is a feeling , and an image of the soul.














Family: A Treasured Heirloom

Sarineh, Oshin, and their beautiful babies came to my studio for an intimate photo session.

Since the kids were tired at the end of our first photo session, I decided to invite them to my studio for another mini session where the kids would be fresh and happy!

Here are the results:

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-46

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-36

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-95

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-147-Edit

Parents with two kids have no time to think about themselves; therefore, taking couples pictures is never considered. I offered to leave the kids with their toys for a moment and just remember good old days!! ❤

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-155

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-164

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-187

The love a family shares is truly unbreakable, and it was so strong during this photo session. We were so happy to take part in pausing time for them, and capturing memories that will remind them of these days for a lifetime.

Loudesia is a Name from the Bible!

I went to capture this beautiful baby in her grandparents’ home recently. A very nice Armenian family living in a home where you could feel the love and care from every single member of the family, even Loudesia!

Although Loudesia was not able to sit yet, but with the help of her lovely mommy and daddy we were able to capture this little lady’s beauty. She is just like an angle and her name was chosen so nicely! Loudesia is a name from Bible.




Oh baby Loudesia, may you continue to love, live, and laugh just like you did in these few hours for the rest of your life!

Straight from the Blue Sky!


We had a blast capturing baby Roman in his first month of life! He came to my home studio with her mommy & grandma last week.

I always ask my clients to send me their baby’s pictures before the session. It always helps me get inspired just from seeing the baby’s face to create something new. This time, baby Roman inspired me with the idea of creating a blue sky! And it worked so well!

Baby Roman also had a unique shot with his daddy’s clothes and shoes!!! These clothes were kept for 35 years to be given to the awesome grandchild, and it was so beautiful that you cannot find it in any store these days!!



Baby Roman, we hope you continue to brighten up everyone’s days as you grow older, just like you did during your photo session under the blue sky!

Our Family, Our Blessing!

“I know why families were created with all their imperfections. They humanize you. They are made to make you forget yourself occasionally, so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed.”  Anais Nin

We had a great experience capturing priceless moment of this lovely family.

Michael & Arya-240

Sarineh, the mommy, a super kind and humble person made the photo session comfortable for me and the kids.

Oshin, the daddy, was a great help by controlling the kids and giving creative idea’s to me ( Oh, and also a good poser!).

Micheal, the two year old little guy has just the most beautiful green eyes!

Arya, the 20-day-old baby girl is definitely the family’s precious gift this year! A calm and sweet angel whom I enjoyed capturing the most ❤

Michael & Arya-113


We hope to see you both grow up and capture more cherished moments for the family!

Noella, a Little Piece of Heaven on Earth!

Noella’s photoshoot was one of those photoshoots that I had to do very little to get a good result since the baby girl was very calm and cooperating. She is the kind of baby that already has a character at such a young age! As her mommy said I was able to capture her personality at its best.

Noella has a very strong connection with Serena, her lovely mommy. Serena, on the other hand, had a role of a great assistant for me that day! She knew exactly how to hold/place the baby and move/replace the props so I could get everything in my frame!


The credit of Noella’s beautiful smiles and looks goes to aunty Lilian, who was also an awesome help!



I was very excited to use my new prop setting with her! The very colorful girly setting, which my lovely mom made for me! Here is a picture.


The Little Man, Arka!

The very first moment I met this little man, he stole my heart! The amount of cuteness and excitement he gave me was a boost of energy right at the beginning of the photoshoot. His mom, Shakeh, was a little afraid if I would be able to capture good photos, since she was thinking that Arka is a not a good poser for a photographer. Oh, was she in for a surprise!

So, I started communicating with him like a little man. I started talking and playing with him, saying stories about the trains and so on…

The result of this friendship became priceless! I was not only able to capture Arka’s pure emotions on his face, but I was also able to make a good friend:)

The cutest moment was when I asked him to pick a flower and smell it. He picked it from the ground nicely, smelled it, and then put it right back in its place gently with a smile.  I could not handle the pureness in this kid’s soul. I am glad I was able to capture every detail of it!


She is Just Like The Movies!

Emily and I enjoyed our photo session at the train station to the fullest. She was very excited to see the trains, and she was running all over the place.

blog 2


When I look at these photos I can feel the pureness of the childhood sparkling in her eyes. That’s what I love about capturing these precious moments especially with children. Spreading their pure emotions without being fake or trying to seem cute!

She is the kind of baby girl that I have only seen in the movies!

blog 5



I did a custom edit on these set of shots to make the photos look like a 50’s vintage lifestyle.

Emily is just like the movies!

blog 7