Family: A Treasured Heirloom

Sarineh, Oshin, and their beautiful babies came to my studio for an intimate photo session.

Since the kids were tired at the end of our first photo session, I decided to invite them to my studio for another mini session where the kids would be fresh and happy!

Here are the results:

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-46

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-36

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-95

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-147-Edit

Parents with two kids have no time to think about themselves; therefore, taking couples pictures is never considered. I offered to leave the kids with their toys for a moment and just remember good old days!! ❤

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-155

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-164

Oshin and Sarineh Family Pics-187

The love a family shares is truly unbreakable, and it was so strong during this photo session. We were so happy to take part in pausing time for them, and capturing memories that will remind them of these days for a lifetime.

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